Find your "edge",

Play it well,

Transform your life!

You're invited to identify the "edge" you want to play well...or even better, by:
  • Exploring the inner and outer landscapes of your life
  • Discovering and Developing greater somatic intelligence, presence, awareness, and choice
  • Gaining clarity about what's most important to you andGrowing your impact
  • Experimenting with somatic practices and perspective shifts, Enlisting  your innate wisdom, and Experiencing and Embodying the changes you want to make...
     to transform how you experience and show up in your life

Are you ready to have enjoy a more energizing, empowered, and
     meaningful life - starting N ow?!?    

 Description and Mission

​​​​​​​​An “edge” is a brink, a verge, a threshold; it is the place where something begins or ends. It also refers to a keenness or intensity of desire or enjoyment, a bodily vigor or energy ( Edges are the taking-off points and frontiers in your life. They represent precipices between comfort and growth, the known and the unknown, hesitancy and boldness. Edges show up as transitions, choice-points, and growth opportunities. They are the in-between places and liminal spaces – the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. Edges are places along the journey where we may want to be especially aware of our footing, how we are moving, and where we are heading. 
What are your “edges”, the choices you want to need to make? 
RoshiJoan Halifax describes edges this way:
“Edges are places where opposites meet. Where fear meets courage and suffering meets freedom. Where solid ground ends in a cliff face. Where we can gain a view that takes in so much more of our world. And where we need to maintain great awareness, lest we trip and fall.” (Halifax, 2018)
With edges, there are associated inner and outer knowings, a sense of place or where we are relative to them, and emotions that are evoked with our experience of them. All of these aspects offer rich territory for exploration. 
How would you describe your edges?
What opportunities do they afford you? 
 “Playing” is about being in the moment, fully present, and engaging in something for the sake of the activity itself. It’s more about the PROCESS and the JOURNEY and how we are BEING, rather than achieving a specific outcome or reaching a particular destination, although those may also be the results of the process we are engaged in. When we can BE with our edges differently, we can experience them with less suffering and more joy, and we can move and take action on and around them, toward and away from them, in more meaningful, effective, and fulfilling ways. 
“Playing the edge” is the opposite of maintaining the status quo, coasting, settling or rusting out. It means actively, mindfully, and intentionally choosingthe terrain you want to navigate, and navigating it with greater presence, awareness, and somatic intelligence; more skill; increased confidence; and a greater sense of enjoyment and satisfaction. 
How would you like to be able to play your “edge”?



Mentor Coaching

You can't stop the waves,
But you can learn 
how to surf! 
Face-to-face or virtual (Zoom meetings, phone conversations, etc.)
Individual or group
  1. Coaching
    Ontological, Developmental, and Embodied Coaching Modes and tools: Somatics, Yoga, metaphor, experiential exercises, fieldwork, and practices to create new patterns and foster sustainable change For Individual Clients Organization-Sponsored Clients, Project Teams, and Executive and Leadership Teams
  2. Mentor Coaching
    Individual or small group format Customizable to meet your needs and to meet ICF requirements of a minimum of 3 hours one-on-one coaching and up to 7 hours of group coaching (10+ hours total) Audio reviews of recorded coaching sessions can be included in your Mentor Coaching package For coaches pursuing their initial ICF-ACC certification or seeking to renew their ICF-ACC credential
  3. Edgeplay Workshops+
    Interactive Webinars, Workshops, and Retreats 1-2 hour, half-day, full-day, and multi-day options Topics: Mindfulness, Stress Management,Team-Building, Leadership Development, & More For Individuals, Groups, Project Teams, Executive and Leadership Teams
What's your edge, and how do you want to play it? 
 ​​​Describe your current edges or challenges and/or
tell me what you'd like support in transforming.
We can explore how Playing the Edge Coaching can best meet your needs 
and consider mutual “fit”  in an intial pro bono 30 to 60-minute coaching conversation

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