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Gifting an Idea

Sunday, December 09, 2018


Tina Geithner


  1. Treading an Idea (Lovingkindness)
    07 Apr, 2019
    Treading an Idea (Lovingkindness)
    “The real trick to producing great work isn’t to find ways to eliminate the edgy, nervous feeling that you might be swimming out of your depth. Instead, it’s to remember that everyone else is feeling it, too. We’re all in deep water. Which is fine: it’s by far the most exciting place to be.”- Oliver Burkeman, author Recently I was on Gonzaga University’s campus to teach a session in a graduate course, and two other women were walking from the parking garage on their way to the Hemmingson
  2. 25 Mar, 2019
    Journeying with an Idea
    This year has already included a few trips, and there’s a lot more travel scheduled in the months to come. With travel, there will be many opportunities to plan arrangements for flights and rental cars, lodging, and experiences at our destinations, and to practice packing light.   There will be the chance to discover and explore new places and try new things. "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines.
  3. Relating to an Idea
    27 Jan, 2019
    Relating to an Idea
    When the universe broadcasts a clear message not once, but three times, in a very condensed period of frame, that gets my attention! The message came from about choices in how we relate to a challenge came from three coaching colleagues and friends who are experienced, wise, talented, and very fun people. The message was about releasing or flowing with a challenge as compared to carrying/grasping or pushing against it. Its timing could not have been more perfect, arriving on the heels of the
  4. 17 Nov, 2018
    Thanking an Idea
    Adapting a quote from Epictetus, “[S]He is a wise [wo]man who does not grieve for the things which [s]he has not, but rejoices for those which [s]he has."  It is easy for us to grieve not having enough time, not getting enough sleep, not getting everything done on our to-do lists, and/or not getting to spend more time with those we love who are with us or who have passed on. Our brains are wired that way – to act like Velcro for the negative and Teflon for the positive, according to Rick Hanson
  5. 11 Oct, 2018
    Trick or Treating an Idea
    Fall is probably my favorite season, and part of the reason is Halloween, and the centuries-old ritual or custom of wearing costumes, or ”guising” (impersonating the spirts or souls of the dead) and going door-to-door or house-to-house and singing or reciting poems or performing short scenes or parts of plays in exchange for food or drink or money – offerings on behalf of the dead, and threatening mischief if the homeowners refused…hence the term “trick-or-treating”. As Halloween approaches, it
  6. 18 Sep, 2018
    Letting Go of an Idea
    Letting go is a way of celebrating this Fall season, when deciduous trees shed their leaves. It also symbolizes taking action towards a lighter and potentially more authentic way of being in and enjoying life. Buddhist psychology holds that pain – physical, biological, and social - is inevitable in life, while suffering is not. Suffering is our reaction to the pain, and the cause of our suffering is grasping. Suffering takes on many forms, including stress, conflict, confusion, anxiety, fear,
  7. Sloth with algae in its coat: Picture:Thowra_uk/Flickr. Posted on
    08 Jun, 2018
    Slothing an Idea
    Two things my husband said to me recently really gave me pause… The first occurred when he and I and a good friend were visiting one of our friends in Helena, Montana, who led us into an amazing toy store. My husband picked up a small object and held it out at eye level for me to see and said, “You need one of these to help you slow down.” It was a figurine of a sloth – one of those furry, long-clawed tree-dwelling animals that moves at the speed of cement hardening. (See the video of Geico
  8. 05 Jun, 2018
    Spring Cleaning an Idea
    As winter fades and signs of spring and new life begin to appear, we have the opportunity to clear out the old and make space for the new to unfold. In any given moment, we can choose what we want to let go of or what we allow to die and choose what we want to nurture and grow. For many this shows up in the form of spring cleaning – getting rid of dirt and dust, on the surface andon a deeper level, and/or doing yard work – weeding flower and garden beds, turning over the soil and working in
  9. 13 May, 2018
    Cultivating Compassion
    Self-compassion has been defined as the practice of offering ourselves acceptance, kindness, and care. It is the foundation for developing and holding compassion towards others and an opportunity to act out of acceptance, kindness, and care. Compassion refers to the sympathetic understanding of another person’s pain - a feeling or bearing with - and the action that stems from that feeling inspired by the desire to mitigate that pain. It involves an intentional way of considering and relating to