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Tina Geithner, Ph.D, Presence-Based® Coach,  ICF-Associate Certified Coach, ICF-Registered Mentor Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200)

Find your "edge".
Play it well.
Transform your life.
What clients are saying...
"[Tina's] ability to listen is exceptional, and her questioning deep yet gentle. Tina’s ability to integrate guidance and compassion in the same inquiry is outstanding, and I especially appreciate her gift for integrating somatic practices into her work, even by phone. I leave our calls with a clear direction and plan for the next step forward. Tina has a real gift for facilitating transformational work.  Thank you, Tina!"
Pamela Cotton, Mindfulness Trainer and Coach

"Working with you, Tina, has given me a sense of empowerment and hope. Your consistent professional approach coupled with your warm and empathetic temperament helped me to formulate and achieve the goals that I needed to be addressing. I tell my friends that you are open, wise, experienced, and eager to help make life fuller and richer, and, that adding the yoga piece was so important and worthwhile. It allowed me to release tension and clear my head!"
Jo, Psychotherapist

"Tina's keen listening skills and knowledge of tools and strategies have helped me to overcome grief and incorporate healthy practices in my life.   She is careful to help one discern what is the challenge or hurdle and mindful about what is realistically doable in terms of making a change. I found Tina to always be supportive, even when making only the smallest step forward, and in those times when I slid backward, to have a hand and a smile ready for helping me stabilize and decide what to do next."    
Angela, Academic Events Manager

"Tina’s insightful, developmental and caring approach helped me tap into my personal and professional strengths and awakened new confidence I had never known before. Her astute coaching knowledge and experience provided me with lifelong tools to transform stress into productive energy and change negative thinking into positive perspectives. I am a stronger person because of Tina!"
Katie, Assistant Director of Leadership Development

"Coaching is part art, part science...and no one understands how to blend both the personal touch with methods and strategies that work like Tina. The best part of working with a great coach is how she helps ease out the clarity of a situation or problem and helps the client flush out doable solutions. Grounded, reliable, and focused, I've found every session with Tina over the last two years to be extremely valuable and insightful. And she ALWAYS over delivers, providing written feedback post-session with real world next move forward."
Phil Dozois, Entrepreneur, Athlete, Father

"Tina's genuine enthusiasm and support of my ideas is nourishment for the soul. My biggest takeaway in working with Tina is becoming aware of the physical reaction of my body when making life choices. Until I worked with Tina, I thought moving forward on my life path was all about getting in touch with my mind and heart; now I have one more "check-in" within myself when making decisions, my body."
Eileen Swalling, MA, Owner of Eileen Makes

"I had the pleasure of working with Tina for my ACC recertification. Tina was a true professional. She provided excellent coaching, follow through and follow up. She offered flexibility for my needs and my schedule so that I could receive the maximum benefit. I highly recommend Tina and I’m very grateful for our work together."
Devra Ochs, ICF-ACC, Ochtree Coaching LLC (Mentor Coaching Client)

"Tina was always extremely present and held my space with honor and focus. She made it easy to be free in speaking and exploring. She helped me discover habitual obstacles and gently encouraged and challenged me to solutions and awareness. She was my mentor coach, and so she knows the nuts and bolts of the coaching competencies well, and we had many discussions about using the competencies in a concrete way. I trust Tina and recommend her."
 Keith Brush, ICF-ACC (Mentor Coaching Client)

“Tina’s insightful, developmental and caring approach helped me tap into my personal and professional strengths and awakened a new confidence I had never known before.”
- Katie, Associate Director of Student Development 
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